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thinkSMART planning, inc. celebrates and encourages excellent schools through expert educational facility planning. Our planning process will assist you in thinking ahead by revealing the context and processes that are most conducive to teaching and learning; creating schools that are agile, appropriate, and engaging. For nearly two decades, our planners have helped our clients imagine "schools" of the future - whatever that future SHOULD and COULD be.
Students deserve environments that are appropriate for learning;
Educators should be afforded the tools and environments needed to successfully engage children in learning;
Parents deserve to know their children are safe, comfortable and inspired in their learning environment;
School is ..a place where services, support and opportunities lead to improved student learning, stronger families and healthier communities (from Partnerships for Excellence).
thinkSMART is a consulting practice formed specifically to enhance and improve learning environments through expert educational facility planning and facilitation of the design process. The formation of thinkSMART planning resulted from a career-long commitment to the creation of excellent schools that support the latest thinking in teaching and learning. With the founder, Molly Smith, the firm provides leadership in creating learning plans, educational specifications, master plans and strategic plans for schools around the country. Our process will assist you in thinking ahead; creating school facilities that are agile, appropriate, and engaging. For more than a decade, we have helped our clients imagine "schools" of the future - whatever that future SHOULD and COULD be.

Our experience in the field of educational planning and consulting provides us the advantage of working with a variety of educational entities, from pre-schools to universities. Since our entire focus is educational facilities planning, we provide cutting edge experience and knowledge in the field of collaborative planning linking abstract to concrete–right brain concepts to left brain action. Click HERE to see more facts about thinkSMART. 
team planning exercise at Rio Rancho Public Schools
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Molly Smith, REFP, AICP
Founder/ Senior Planner

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Benjamin Smith
Facility Planner

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