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Molly Smith is an educational planner, facilitator, writer, researcher, speaker and community member.  She is a nationally-recognized authority on all aspects of K-12 planning as well as career/technical facilities and adaptive reuse for schools with over 15 years of experience. Molly has addressed number practioner-based audiences at national educational conventions.  Her skill as a facilitator allows her to generate discussion, separate extraneous information, and build upon collective input to create consensus.
Ron Peters is an architect with over 30 years of experience planning and designing schools. He has written and spoken
on the topic of school design for numerous audiences including facility planners, educators, community groups, and
contractors.  Ron has been nationally recognized as an expert in career/technical facility design as well as historic preservation for schools; he is the co-author of the National Park Service "A Guide to the Preservation of Historic and Older Schools."
Denise A. Davis, President of Facility Planning Associates has over 15 years of project experience, specializing
in master planning and facility programming. Her expertise centers on a process of facility programming and master
planning that involves the client in every aspect of decision making.  The methodology includes
the use of data gathering tools, such as questionnaires, internet research, industry standards,
one-on-one interviews, and group meetings. 
ron peters, aia,aicp,refp  Historic Streetscapes, llc 
denise davis, aia  Facility Planning Associates
molly smith, aicp, refp  thinkSMART planning, inc.
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