Educational facility planning and programming involves the application of a proven method of steps designed to lead multiple stakeholder groups through a decision making process.  The facility planner acts as a facilitator, introducing concepts, inspiring discussion among stakeholders and documenting feedback. Click HERE to see Comal ISD in Action!
Master planning establishes a long-range strategy for capital improvements in accordance with a districtís educational needs, goals, and programs. Planners work in concert with district staff to assess influencing factors such as capital resources, enrollment and demographic trends. Click HERE to see Park City School District In Action.
A good school design is the result of a good planning process. Our planners will work with the district's architect to conduct 2 or 3 day meetings with the planning committee to communicate planning concepts to the designer as well as involve the committee in the initial design process.

The process of creating an Educational Specification should involve all interested district stakeholders. We can help you create an educational specification that will describe the districtís educational philosophy and delivery systems, enrollment demographics, space sizes and needs, and community characteristics and goals.

Bringing diverse points of view together is our specialty.  As a neutral third party, our planners work with your staff, teachers, community members, and parents to create a plan that will lead to agile, responsive schools. Click HERE to see a A4LE Strategic Planning.
You have great ideas. Are they feasible?  Are they supported by your capital master plan,communities' priorities, district educational specifications?  We can help you explore the answers to
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